Within the Shtetl of Tsanz programme in 2014 Nomina Rosae Foundation created a documentary short entitled "The Shtetl of Tsanz" directed by Barbara Szewczyk. The film shows selected parts of Jewish history of Nowy Sącz, depicting both various colourful characters, especially from before World War II as well as important listed buildings.



See the virtual edition of the "Friends Album" exhibition prepared as a part of the "Shtetl of Tsanz – Young Ambassadors of Tolerance" project. The exhibition was inspired by our reflections upon human rights and also by memories about young people, whose fate was tragically shifted by World War II. The exhibition in form of a slideshow can be seen after clicking the link below See it yourself!

The exhibition is currently presented in the Grybów Town Community Centre.

"Friends Album" exhibition was prepared by young people, participants of the "Shtetl of Tsanz – Young Ambassadors of Tolerance" project carried out by the Nomina Rosae Foundation within the Citizens for Democracy programme in 2015 and 2016. Young Ambassadors, while taking part in the course on problems of tolerance, counteracting xenophobia and hate speech in the context of Jewish history, came in contact with various sources that allowed them to gain deeper insight on the topic and gain knowledge. One of the historical sources they analyzed were photographs and among them portraits of they agemates from the pre-war period. Those photos are often of people, whose names disappeared in the great conflagration of history. Most of them meet the terrible wartime fate. Young Ambassadors by juxtaposing their portraits with the portraits of their agemates (both Poles and Jews) taken by prewar photographers felt, that in a way they are getting close to the people who are long gone. Those people suffered, because someone denied them their freedom, dignity, their right to live.

We want thoe portraits – both contemporary and prewar ones – to give an impulse to think and reflect upon the neverending need to learn respect for other people, regardless of their descent or faith.

Photographs: Piotr Droździk

Archival photographs: Yad Vashem, National Archive in Kraków, Nowy Sącz Branch, Nomina Rosae Foundation collections, collection for the House of History

Photographs are accompanied by Young Ambassadors of Tolerance thoughts regarding their participation in the project.


"The Shtetl of Tsanz" film. "The Shtetl of Tsanz" film.
"Friends Album" exhibition. "Friends Album" exhibition.